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27 November 2010

My Very Own Koi Fish...

I am keeping fishies in my Blog....!!! how interesting.. I can feed the fishes , just click onto the white area.. you'll actually see bits of red dots(which is Food that is). Click it anywhere... my fishes will follow your clicks.. !!
Ha ha ha.. well happy clicking..
Don't over feed the Koi fishies

Warmth from Ah brown

So sweet of my kitty to keep me warmth, while I was lying on my bed to rest after my med.
He gave me a kiss on the cheek.. and when to my feet and doze off... love Ah brown..
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26 November 2010

My Lovely Sisters Who I love and Cherish For Most..

Here is a video that i create and edited myself, is to honour my sisters with love and hugs and kisses, from me..
You know who you are, when you see yourself in my music video..
More awesome advance video i will my 2nd passion...
Need more to learn the State-Of-The-Art of video editing...
Well, to see this vid.. you gotta stop playing my Ipod, which on the side bar.. then you , can see it..

22 November 2010

My phuket Trip..

Look At me So Happy... Finally got to escape from the hussle N bussle of Stressful Singapore...!!!
Damm... I enjoyed myself.. THE BEACH....( My Cosy Place Ever)
The delicious food.. Sheesh...!! 100X Spicy wa....!!! But I loike..
The Massage.. it suppose to be a leg massage... but the lady did from foot to cracking my BACK...!!! okays.. I am like Jelly by the time I stepped out of the massage salon...!!! Can't walk properly.. to soothe...!!!
The Pic on your Left: Is our First Day in Phuket.. and we decided to explore the town by FOOT....!!!! Anyway, i prefer walking, so we know how to get around ...  That smile i had on face, is because I finally found my Cosy area... Patong Beach...!!! ah... heaven... hee hee.

SIN have NO 24hrs BURGER KING.... Phuket has it... not fair.. SIN only MAC.. Haiz boring....

Gonna Share my Trip With you...: Here Goes...!!!

Patong Beach...!!

Woohoo... oh yes... Heaven.. I love the Beach... I love the Sun... I love the Sea and sound of the Wave.

Soaking Up In the sun.. admiring mother nature.. and the locals.. here.. friendly.. Nice..
Love it.. Next i come Back.. if my Friends i going again.. :D

Having my Ice COLD Chang beer...under sizzling heat of Patong Beach.


This really great.. for only this amt.. you eat like king and queen there.. so good... so tasty...!!! Awesome.