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23 October 2010

OMG...!!! What a Memory..

OMG...!! guess what my mom gave me this when she was cleaning the store room..!!! I was so Shocked to see this still here.. I thought I lost it.. already thanks mom.. for digging the store room and wala... presto.. my secondary school final photo..
Ya YaYa... ha ha guess where ME...??!! 

Non Formal pose... suggested by my form teacher.. Mr. Siow... erm... ya .. correct that his name.. ha ha ha.. 
This is the Old North View Sec Logo..
I still have my P.E tee shirt somewhere in the house...!! but i know is still somewhere...

22 October 2010

my darling

Love the Mummy kitties. Baby, her name... loving mama, to her full grown kitties at home...
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My very First Pc Game..

This was my very FIRST PC GAMES, which I learned how to play.. Yes .. Counter Strike...!!! It was like year 2000..!!!! wow...!!! 10 years back...!!! wow how time flies...!! this game got my hooked to PC games till now.. And still going.. lol... I remembering playing this game with my ex colleauges from RAINFOREST CAFE  in year 2000.
During our split shift.. like 2/3 hours free time.. so head down to the Lan Room. This game was taught by Samuel Lee. He taught me how to tackle and guide me along while playing.. till i got hooked.. it was like a adreneline rush of fun and excitment.. Ya.. La...!!! first time play mah...!!! 
Till now I still play some games just for fun and pass my time. Games I used to play are like... See if i can  recall...??? oh oh yeah.. ha ha ha
Games Like:

*Counter Strike
*Splinter Cell
*Rainbow Six Vegas
*Medals Of Honour
*Call Of Duty


Call Of Duty4 Modern Warfare

Medal Of Honour

Rainbow Six Vegas

Splinter Cell

Austin...!!! Powers!!!!

My Fav Comedy The GoldMember
feature the lead Actress Me .. Ha ha just kidding

Looking at his teeth in the show, makes me wanna , visit my Family Dentist.
and get my teeth straighten too.. 

Groovy Baby...!!! yeahh....!!!

*~~ My Life StaTemEnt~~*


I will go through this life only once,
and I shall have but one chance to live;

Not all people will like me,
others may even despise me,
as I may not be easily understood;

Yet I will take this chance to live,
and I will reach out in ways I know;

I will love those whom I can,
and I will strive to understand them more;

Not all days will bring me sunshine,
so I will rejoice also for the rain;

Not every endeavor will be a success,
but I will savor the victories I achieve;

Not all dreams I dream will be mine,
but in time new dreams will fill my heart,

and as from a star those hopes will propel me forward
doing everything the best way I know I can;

No fear shall trample me whatsoever,
though some tasks seem to outweigh my strength;

I will only do what I have to do,
and God will take care of the rest!

enjoy her day.

The whole day... the time, on my bed.. on my pillow!!!!
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17 October 2010

When the time i hear this from You Tube, I love it straight away... serious although it all Korean.. but hey, who cares, if i love it.. it always will remember it in heart. ;)

Now all grown Up..

Now that's Me... yeah.. yes..!!! 
makeover LOL :P
was taken on the 18th April last Year.
It was just my birthday treat from some of my Girlfriends..
Thanks to them.. AR...!!
I am loving it...

HA HA HA... ;) yup that me now.. In my room in the a lazy wednesday afternoon, during my day off from work. So Hanging around in my room entertaining myself with my lappy. WOOT.. >.<

School.. I hate them. Really

I think here: I am 11 i guess. I was put to a government school which i really hate and actually i hate mixed school of girls and boys. But that was my Father idea of putting me there. Anyway, i don't see him anymore. It Past long gone, after my family break up when i was 18 years. And life of me was a struggle. A struggle in studies, which i hate always.. but these hates last only for awhile, when i met some good friends which are with me till now at present 2010. Still going out, clubbing, enjoy each other secrets and gossips, which you see one or two, here in my blog. Hey check out my hair...!!! like Bird Nest.. haha.. sheesh, wat with the style does days... >.<"

Me... In those days

Ha ha guess where am i .. yes that one there, yup that's right, the one with NO HAIR...!!! ha ha.. I can't recall how old was i that time.. I am a real grumpy baby girl back then.. Well that's my mom carrying me. And that one there is my Cousin Nick, and my Aunt Mary. I love her very much till from this day NOW... i love her cooking!! I just cannot resist the temptation of the aroma that is coming out from the kitchen every time.

My Loving Mother I will always cherish in my life (Left Red Tee)
My Aunt Mary, who i respect and adore very much. ( The Best Chef )
with me in my heart always.. and will be.. <3 <3 <3

Take My first Breathe

The Day 18th April.. When the day I take my first Breathe to this world, not knowing what will I Become till today. Cut open, from mummy's tummy... was not a beautiful sight.!!! I made her suffered for 9 months, trying to fight my way out, to see what this world, will make me, or what i make myself to become. 
My journey of my life starts now.. as a baby girl who grew up all alone with no siblings to call my own.